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When it comes to Scottish delicacies, it is often joked that in Scotland we fry everything. However, we do have a number of world-recognised and award-winning chefs who vouch for the fact that our country’s larder offers unique produce fit for the finest meals. Seafood is just one thing that our visitors love and it’s so fresh, you must try it for yourself to really experience the flavours first hand.

So what fish can you expect to find on the menu? 

Once the core of the Scottish fishing industry, herring stocks came near to collapse in the 1970s.

Mackerel is the most valuable open-sea fish species in Scotland, worth over £65 million per year.

It’s a really versatile fish and this is one that we do like to batter for fish and chips. Often enjoyed as a ‘takeaway’ or in a pub setting.

The Pride of Scotland is a brand of smoked salmon, currently sold in more than 25 countries around the world. Produced by Associated Seafoods Ltd, Commerical Director, Neil Greig comments “We always dry cure our fillets with sea salt before smoking so as to ensure great taste and texture. We don’t believe in short-cuts. The end result is a wonderful tasting Scottish smoked salmon, with a subtle aroma of smoky oak wood and a delicious hint of the sea”.

Most native mussels are farmed in Scottish sea lochs. We enjoy them cooked in garlic butter, with onions and a splash of white wine.

Just delicious. Buy some to cook up in your Ardconnel Court apartment. We’d recommend pan-frying them briefly in a little rapeseed oil until just translucent and finish with a knob of butter and squeeze of lemon.

The brown crab is the most common crab species in Scotland. It’s used most often for dressed-crab salads and sandwiches.

In Inverness, we’re lucky to have quality chefs finding fresh ways to make use of the local ingredients while paying close attention to the traditions of our homelands.

You should visit the River House
The River House serves a wonderful spread of seafood and is certainly one of our Invernessian favourites. Looking out over the banks of the River Ness, it’s little surprise that this place serves up the fruits of the sea. Alfie is the head chef and owner, embracing his love for the abundance of unbeatable ingredients we have in Scotland to create the River House’s dishes. On the menu, you’ll find pan-seated scallops from Shetland and hand-picked Orkney crab sitting neatly alongside Scrabster haje and Caithness beef.

Yum, enjoy!

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